"WITCH - HUNT", the new single from "DEVYA", is now online!

DEVYA - "Witch - Hunt" Digital 45 .Pic By Lisa Franzolini .Graphics By Margot Furlanis

14/12/2017 - Ranweil, (Austria). Published from the label  Dark Ace Record Kompany , "WITCH - HUNT", is the new single from the band DEVYA. Produced and recorded by Luca Franzolini,  is the 7th single released from the project and band of Devis Simonetti.


she's burning
she's a witch that speak too much
And they were laughing all the time
And they were laughing all the time!

Middle Ages. Two women of medicine are burned at the stake because they are accused of being "witches". Manipulation. Physical and intellectual homicide. The threat to the system. It's not so different from today: there is no more Giordano Bruno burned at the stake, but there is a subtle and subliminal control that is based on making us mentally weak, dependent on the opinion of others, on the market, on the consumerism. Remember, however, that with hard work and courage, we can be born again as complete, free and loving beings. The revolution is here, within us: it's time to choose!

It's always the same thing baby and I want you to know my name..."

BIODEVYA is the musical project and band of Devis Simonetti, music artist ,specialized in Computer Music & Synthesist Technology . In the 2013, hits the market of electronic music with the album"I Don 't Know What Is Christmas".The sound of "I Don 't Know What Is Christmas", performed and produced entirely by Devis, absorbs and reworks elements of anglo-saxon, as the brit-pop, the industrial, synth pop, shoegaze and dark music. Now, with the new line up , the band is currently working on a new full-length darkwave album to by released for the winter 2018.

DEVYAfor this work are:

Sybell : Voice & Melodies

Luca Franzolini : Guitar , Programming & Production

Marco Menazzi : Guitar

Devis Simonetti : Bass & Drawbar Organ

Recorded , Mixed & Mastering by Luca Franzolini

                                                      Photographer : Lisa Franzolini

                                               Executive Producer : Devis Simonetti

                                              ArtWork & Graphics : Margot Furlanis

                                                   Label : Dark Ace Record Kompany

link FB : DEVYA

Bandcamp Track "WITCH - HUNT"

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